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SQUARE FOOT® dramatically decreases contractor's timelines, labor and material costs while increasing the stability of your project by ensuring a proper foundation that will protect your investment.

The vibrant ORANGE plastic footing forms are available in three models. The SF 22 accommodates 8 and 10" Sonotube®; the SF 28 accommodates 8, 10 and 12" Sonotube®; and the SF 32 accommodates 12, 14, 16, and 18" Sonotube® or other standard construction tube forms or concrete forming tubes.

Today, as more homeowners are being made aware of bad building practices, the day of foregoing a proper footing has ended. State and local building codes continue to be scrutinized due to changes in lifestyles, weather, building materials, and construction techniques.

SQUARE FOOT® Square Footing Saves Contractors Time And Money.

Rather than wonder whether a products quality is up to code or even up to a contractors own specifications, it makes sense to go with a code evaluated product. Instead of spending time researching municipal and state requirements, SQUARE FOOT® takes the guesswork out of the process and puts a cost effective safeguard on every foundation system.

SQUARE FOOT® Concrete Footings Meet ICC Guidelines

Sound Footings LLC worked directly with the ICC Evaluation Service, to develop a specific technical report on plastic concrete footing forms which provides guidance to code officials, regulatory agencies, local zoning and planning offices, specifiers, contractors and end-users. SQUARE FOOT® is the only footing form product to comply with this guideline in North America.

Construction Forms - Easy Installation Plastic Footings

As the standard concrete form for the construction industry, SQUARE FOOT® can be used for many residential and commercial applications. Typical foundation applications include camps, seasonal cottages, home additions, sun rooms, decks, barns, docks, bridges, gazebos, storage sheds, mail boxes to name a few.

In three easy steps taking about 3 hours, SQUARE FOOT® can be installed. Gone is the time when a contractor needed three valuable days to hand build wooden footing forms to support piers and gone is the time when a DYI'er wasn't educated about the importance of installing a proper footing.

SQUARE FOOT® Footings - Designed By Contractors For Contractors.

SQUARE FOOT® was jointly engineered and designed by two of the largest general contractors in Vermont with 130 years of residential and commercial concrete and building experience. (www.dewcorp.com and www.sdireland.com)

Sound Footings LLC is the inventor and holder of the original United States patent (1988) and the only US owned and manufactured square plastic footing form Company in North America. We are dedicated to providing the construction industry with the most technologically advanced superior footing forms products. It's just a click away to see how quickly and easily you can install SQUARE FOOT® plastic concrete footing forms.

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